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Инженер по строительству в Белграде

ищу работу в Белграде, 800 €, полная занятость
Мазурина Ксения 32 года, Москва, Россия, высшее образование
+7 (903) 107-XX-XX

Опыт работы

Main specialist
3 года 1 мес сен 2015 - окт 2018
3 года 1 мес сен 2015 - окт 2018
MCC-Moscow. The object is the construction of the Railway and adjacent Overpasses. Also road construction! Supervised design and construction issues. I understand technical issues! Coordinated the passage of utilities! Technological connection of the object to the city networks! Contractual relationship with the contractor. Terms of work. The examination of the project. There is a full CV summary.
Meneger Project
7 лет апр 2008 - апр 2015
ZAO Kaskadstroyservic, Moscow
7 лет апр 2008 - апр 2015
Engaged in the development of project documentation for the construction of residential buildings. The monolith and panel! She was engaged in licensing documentation on the ground. Passed the state examination of the project. Organized meetings with contractors, supervised construction issues

Высшее образование

MGTY, Moscow
Top management. Enterprise management.
9 лет 11 мес июл 2005 - июн 2015

Знание языков

Английский - средний, Немецкий - продвинутый

Дополнительная информация

Diplomat. I know how to negotiate with people and get the desired result. I have knowledge and experience in the construction sector, as the practice of the best teacher. I am grateful to all the projects I worked on. Responsible and Executive. Head of the Department in the amount of 5 people, always defended and helped his staff. I carry out clear instructions of the top management! I quickly analyze the situation and have a creative approach. Working on results! I know management. I am not afraid of various crisis situations, you can always find a solution! I know how to organize the process of work!

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