Briquette mechanical machine PBU-400/800 for briquettes Nest
Briquette mechanical machine PBU-400/800 for briquettes Nest - фото 1
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Briquette mechanical machine PBU-400/800 for briquettes Nest

20 120 $/штука
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We produce hammer mechanical briquette biomass machines PBU-400 and PBU-800 models for the manufacture of fuel briquettes from grape seeds, wooden sawdust, shavings, sunflower husk, rice husk, straw and etc. without adding glue substances.

Productivity is 400 kg/h and 800 kg/h. European standard Nestro.
The briquette machine works 24/7, easy to use, cheap to maintain. Works in automatic mode.

- Productivity: 400 kg/h and 800 kg/h
- Installed electrical power: 26.45 kW and 41.1 kW
- Power consumption: 18.5 kW and 28.7 kW
- Diameter of a briquette: 60 mm
- Length of a briquette: 50 – 400 mm
- Density, kg / dm3: 1.0 ..... 1.4
- Briquette Standard: European Nestro Standard
- Oil filtration and cooling system
- Sound and light alarm
- Overall dimensions, mm:
- Length - 3000
- Width - 900 and 1300
- Height - 2100
- Briquette cooling line - 6 m
- Gross weight: 2000 kg and 3000 kg

12 months warranty. Installation, connection, commissioning equipment. Training to work on the briquette biomass machine.

We are manufacturers !!!

More info at (has English version)

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